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Dela Aultman



      My name is Dela Brown Aultman. As a child, I dreamed of being an opera singer and a concert piano player. Looking back over the years of childhood fantasies, I cannot remember ever desiring to write a book or of becoming a published author in my childhood. Yet I am surprised to find myself writing books at this stage of my life and enjoying it. Early in life I learned to escape from the hardships of life by reading and living in day dreams. Over the years, I have read hundreds and hundreds of books and stories. There were times when I would hide away and read three or four books during the day. Reading 25 to 30 books a week was not uncommon for me to do.


     One of my favorite authors was Grace Livingston Hill. Ms. Hill was a wonderful writer of romantic fiction. She had a gift of intertwining fiction with simple truths from the Bible. Her books gave hope to readers of finding the ultimate relationship of all; a relationship with Jesus. Late in my teens I began to read and search through the greatest book written for mankind, the Bible. I began my own personal relationship with Jesus.


     Several years ago while sitting at a desk, Jesus gave me the opportunity to do something that has brought me some of the greatest joy in my life. I was given the idea for a series of books entitled House of Hope. Ten book titles were given in the order to be written along with characters and plots for each book. The first book to be written was Out of Due Season. Within the pages are words of fact and words of fiction. Some names have been changed as requested.


     My heart’s desire is not to just tell a good story but to share Jesus with each one who reads the books I have been given the honor to write.



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