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House of Hope and Healing Ministry, Inc
Dela Brown Aultman
Called to be a spokesman for Gods Kingdom by spreading the good news of Jesus to the world.

May each soul who enters in be blessed



Book One


"Out of Due Season"

One chapter in Star's life is finished, a new chapter begins...


Outside the city grow acres and acres of pine trees. Among the pine trees sit two houses.  Two houses were built out of love for Starletta Free Carman Spooner.  Dale Spooner, Starletta's husband, passed away before they could move into the second house he had built for her.


Starletta, called Star by her family and close friends, has remained in the older house.  Still grieving, she cannot be moved.  She came to the house as a bride.  Her children were born and raised there.  Over twenty years of marriage, love, laughter, hopes and dreams had been shared there within the walls of the house.


The new house sits so grand but silent and empty.  It sits as if waiting, patiently waiting.  It waits to fulfill its purpose.  It waits to become a safe haven.  It waits to become "A HOUSE OF HOPE"......... 




First printing cover photo.  Available in hard back and soft back. Limited number of hard backs available.

Out of Due Season Book 1

Second printing cover photo. Available in soft back.



Book Two


"A Gift of Life"

Star had dared to trust God and obey the instructions given to her in dreams. Lives were being changed because of her obedience and faith.

Another story is about to unfold. Come with me and meet Ryan Parks and his four young children, David, Danny, Dennis, and Dorthea Rose.

Gift of Life Book 2

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